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Good game for kids



Very good

Love it

My three year old barely speaks because of her mom neglecting her and this has been helping her learn so much.


Wouldn’t let us play brought me here

A great app


Great game

Great game

Baby games are fun

This game makes my child learn more education everyday

1 yr old to hard

Cool games but to hard for 1 year old


Kids love it

it’s a great app!

Great App!

Granddaughter loves this game

My 2 year old loves this game. She plays it all the time.




Good app


Good game for my little boy

Baby Piano

This is a awesome game. My grandchildren loves the games.


It’s cute for little ones


Keeps kids entertained


Great app

My daughter gets upset

It’s ok



Had to write a review to continue game

I had just downloaded the app and I was trying it out when I got a msg saying I needed to write a review to continue... I tried out two games and they seemed fun for my 3 yo. We’ll see after this review.

Good for babies & toddlers

My kid loves this ap

Fun app

Fun game

Great learning game

My son loves it


My son likes this game


Children enjoy this app

Fun game

My daughter loves this game! So glad that we found it.

Love it!

All the kids of all ages enjoyed playing it even the moms and grandmas yay!

Love it

My 14 month grand daughter loves this game. She loves music.

Nice( I think )

I just did this for more games ,downloaded for my little sis I hope she likes it

Too many pop ups

My child keeps getting pop ups to buy stuff. It gets annoying.



Grandson loves it

Wants to play all the time

Good for kids

My son loves these, they challenge him as well as engage him. He can sit and do the different ones and it’s nice since he can pick which he wants to do. The games are good for developing children’s various skills, so educational

Very good

I found this game not only diverting but educational as well. The essential for me to keep my 3 grandsons busy and happy, while I am cooking their favorites. They have so much fun playing this animal puzzle game. Thanks for creating such great game

Good game

My son is six and he absolutely loves this. He plays this for core concepts as well as just for fun. He is autistic and this really helps him and makes learning fun. I recommend this for parents of children that want to keep their children entertained as well as engaged in learning

Perfect app for children!

very interesting game. very suitable for young children. Children can help absorb sound interesting, colorful and make them happy with the application.

Fun and Educational

As a music professional I have to give this 5 stars! Great animation, really fun for the kids and they are learning music visually and by ear. The record and play function is a great added bonus :)

Greatest Animal Piano!

This is an awesome app and my 3-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter both love it. They have a great time playing with it. I already got them a full version. I think it will work great for babies, toddlers, even older children. I also really like that there are prerecorded children tunes. It will be great if more tunes are added in the future because my kids know now how to play all of them!

Bravo 22learn! Children can record their own masterpieces!

I am a big proponent of educational apps. I especially embrace musical educational apps. Children are never too young for music exposure, and their young brains just crave it! The Abby Musical Puzzle App is a wonderful tool for little ones. Not only are the graphics vibrant and bold, and the animal characters adorable, children are able to explore different instruments as well as specific music note sounds and corresponding letters. When I introduced by 3 year-old to this app, he was immediately sucked in to the sights, sounds and colors. He LOVED this fact that he could create and record his very own song and play it back for me. Children love to explore and they take pride in their creations, and this app encourages both creation and exploration. I highly recommend this app to parents of little ones. There are quite a few apps out there that are marketed to children, and sadly they teach nothing. However, this app is fun and educational! (FYI, my 6 year-old son also enjoyed this app as well. He also loved creating his own musical masterpieces!)

Amazing Animal piano!

Really nice app. I'm giving this such a high rating mainly because my little angel loves it so much. It makes me so happy to see him laughing with it.

Great way for kids to play with music!

This is a charming app for children to play with sounds. They can play with the instruments, sing along melodies, or make instruments puzzles. My kid loves to play with it.

Great APp

This is another great app by 22learn. I love the way they help kids teach whist playing a game. I think the apps they make are extremely creative and helpful. Its just genius!

Fun for the little guy

Simple to use and a lot of games that have pieces of puzzles don't lock in very well. This is very frustrating for my boy (and I have to deal with it too). That isn't the case with this app. The pieces lock in easily and it just works. Happy with this app.

Great educational app for the kids

Always loves the application produced by 22learn. well-designed strategy, beautiful graphic and cute character, simple and intuitive interactive section. Always fun and addictive for the kids to play. Nice work, keep it up.


This colorful, graceful app keeps my daughter well entertained. Cute graphics, easy to use, lots of value. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to give their children some musical fun practice.

Great app!!

This app is educational and fun. My son loves the animals and the songs. Graphics and sounds are awesome. Thumbs up!

Abby Musical Puzzle

I play with my child all the time to these kind of games which help the children to have a better understanding of everything related to real life actions. Great game!


This app is awesome. Really helps younger kids learn how to develop a unique learning style, using this app. Awesome app.


This app is a great way to introduce nice music to the children. Very entertaining for children.

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